Denver Food Map


Built for a spontaneous trip to Denver at the end of October 2018. Hoping to mix hiking, good beer, and good food. Proper mountain hiking!! This is my third…fourth? Time to Denver and I find that I end up revisiting the food unicorns over and over again and peppering in a few new places as the space in my stomach allows. Finally asked Slow Food Denver for food recommendations early enough for them to have time to respond! Responses are built into the food map and listed below.

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Denver Food Unicorns

Denver Central Market
SuperMegaBien Latin American Dim Sum
History Central Colorado (not a food place, just a unicorn, a VERY interactive museum)
il porcellino salumi
Odell Brewing Taproom
Four Pass Loop near Aspen, CO

Recommendations from Slow Food Denver

Food: Potager, Mercantile dining+provision, The Kitchen, Root Down, Linger, The Preservery, Safta, Cart-Driver, Super Mega Bien, Acorn, Avanti F&B.
Coffee: Crema Coffee House, Black Eye Coffee, Denver Bicycle Cafe (also for beer), Devil's Food, Steam Espresso Bar.
Beer: Epic Brewing, Crooked Stave, Our Mutual Friend Brewing, Infinite monkey theorem (wine bar - grow their own grapes in CO!), Great Divide.

A note about Canned oxygen

I’m a hiker and an eater. When I’m traveling I’m doing one of the two, and that’s pretty much it. In getting ready for the Denver trip I was looking at 15 mile hikes, all starting at 9,000-10,000 feet of elevation. I live in Minnesota and adjust terribly to elevation, but I don’t have time between Friday and Sunday to acclimate, so I got wind of canned oxygen and apparently it’s sold at gear stores in Denver. So I’m trying it out. The orange + on the map indicates where to buy canned oxygen in Denver.