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Camino Frances Food Map

The downside about this food map is that, outside of the big cities on the Camino, there aren’t that many good places to eat. The upside is that when you come to a good restaurant you might actually have an orgasm from how f-ing delicious real, well-cooked food tastes. The rest of the time, your hike will consist of bad white bread, iceberg lettuce, and canned tuna. On everything.

Best thing I learned on the Camino for eating real food is when my Swedish friend Marita started asking cafe owners for whole tomatoes, olive oil, and salt instead of ordering the overly bready/eggy tortilla (basically a quiche). I started paying attention to the food they had used as an ingredient and just started buying those ingredients outright. Fun and mildly unpleasant fact about the Camino: a lot of people get stopped-up in the butt during their first week because there’s just so much damn bread and no veggies to keep the pipes greased.

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