Precious stomach space.

I don’t like to plan out my entire day when I’m traveling, but I don’t like being caught up a hungry creek without a knowledge paddle of where to eat either. So I started making maps. Maps that matched my food values, my desire to hang out in a cool space, with good vibes, unforgettable food and drink, and not leave with sticker shock. All of the things.

I made these maps for about five years before I mentioned them to someone. Then I started making them for other people. I love helping people support local business, responsible sourcing, Slow Food principles and food equity, all while having a better vacation/traveling experience. Sometimes they’re traveling for work, sometimes it’s a route for a road trip or thru-hike, sometimes it’s a full-blown vacation. The maps are a way to be flexible and still eat the best food an area has to offer.

Food Unicorns

Yes, food unicorns. Most of the waypoints on these food maps are ‘if you’re in this area, this is a legit place to eat and you’ll be happy’. Unicorns are different. Unicorns are ‘if you’re in this city and you don’t eat here, you will be sad.’

Go out of your way for unicorns. That’s why there’s only a couple in each city. Places that are gorgeous, doing something creative/unique with food, usually sourcing responsibly (instead of just touting ‘farm-to-table’ on the menu), with notable cocktails and beer, and an overall 💯on All of the Things.

for a City